Are servers down in the early mornings?

I’m wondering if the trading servers go down early in the morning on a regular basis. This is my bread and butter for trading. It gets kinda worse when I lose thousands like today due to the servers not functioning.

I submitted tickets for the trades that went sour due to the error. How long does it take to get them taken care of?

Will I need to avoid early mornings?

I would kindly recommend OBD Studios. They are a great group that could help with servers for great prices.

Thanks for the help on the questions.

We had (what appears to be) a service attack this morning.

I’m still looking into it.

Everything is now back online.

There are a lot of attacks going on globally.


Thanks for the update.

How long till my tickets concerning the trades during down time are taken care of?

For the future, does this mean if your server is down any of our bracket orders, (target and stop orders) are not active during the down time? If so, is there anything we can do to safeguard our active trades to prevent a major loss?

Deleverage your trades .

The answer depends on exactly what you are asking, and exactly what caused the problem in question.

If you are saying: “I manage a strategy here at C2. I entered a limit or stop order into my C2 Model Account at 6AM. At 9AM the C2 web site was briefly down due to a denial of service attack. I couldn’t see my strategy page during this time. What happened to the orders I previously entered if the stop or limit gets hit?”

In that case, it may take some time for your previously-entered trade to be recognized by C2 on the web site and in your Model Account. AutoTraders will already have received your trades, and the trades will likely be working in their account, and so they will be filled at the limit or stop you entered. C2 will later recognize these fill prices and update your track record accordingly. That’s best case, obviously; and a lot depends on the particulars.

The general idea is that we try to keep the web site up and running always.


trades that were time sensitive were unable to go in at the appropriate times, within 10 minutes the stock moved so dramatically as to reduce an approximate $2k gain to a $2K loss.

This was caused by the server being down by the attack you mentioned.

Please check the tickets, and time stamps and correlate it to the time of the attack.

Dell Jensen