Are these AUM calculations correct?

Hi, I am looking at Huya So which is currently the #1 ranked strategy. The AUM (AutoTrader live capital)
is 155697 - presumably USD (?). So, Assuming everyone uses the recommended mimumum $50k, that means the #1 ranked strategy has only ~ three subscribers? Surely that can’t be right. or does the 155697 refer to the number of followers? Thanks guys

dont trust c2 ranking system. no one really know how c2 rank systems, because its c2’s private algo that calculate performance, drawdown, popularity, # of views and many other factors no one seems to know.


Thanks! New to this site. Do we have an idea roughly - ballpark figure - how many subscribers the best strategies have, please?

maybe 20-30ish is my best guess

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Really, that few?! Seems kinda pointless spending 3-6 months building a track record if the absolute best you can hope for is 50% of (30 subscribers * $125) or thereabouts

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The primary utility of this site is to have an audited track record for your strategy so you can market it elsewhere - not making money off subscription fees



I agree with you. Additionally, some of the main indicators (Alpha for example) are wrongly calculated in C2. This harms some developers and benefits others.

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense actually

Hello Gonzalo,

Please bring any specific complaints you have to We’ll be happy to take a look.

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There was a forex trader who claimed to have over 200 subscribers a number of years back.

anybody who’s actually a good trader, have the real capital to trade, and have the time to trade wont be here selling their strategy for a couple hundred bucks. That’s just the reality.

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yes, once upon a time we had strategy trading vix and forex with 100+ subscribers. those strategy has crashed because Dr. Martin Gale trading style can only get you so far.

The point is, a good trader can attract many subscribers. And yes, even some not so good traders can also.

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The system I am referring to, was not Martingale.

Hi Matthew:
I have written privately to C2 on this subject repeatedly. Please help me.

Actually, we do list many (not all) of the mathematical factors that go into the C2 Score formula. Using the C2 Score Workbench feature, available to Strategy Managers, Strategy Managers can see the specific numerical factors that each of their strategy possess, and can experiment with various what-if scenarios to see what would happen if their stats changed along one or several metrics.

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Wouldn’t be hard to post entries and exits on here to build up another income stream. Especially if you’ve recently become profitable but are underfunded

Martingale? Really?! Hahaha

Trade your own money then. You’ll earn much more for sure. :slight_smile:

Do you really think that people who has money are staying in line waiting for newbie traders that “recently became profitable”? Don’t be so naive. You are one from hundreds of such traders here, prove that you deserve that fees first

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Your “advice” is both unclear and conflicting. First you tell me to trade my own money. Then to prove that I deserve the fees. Surely one could do both…