Are these subscribers real or not

What is with all the fake subs?

I had clicked thru many of the so called subscribers. A vast majority only seem to be subscribed to that one individual trader which is very suspicious. I thought to myself if one were trying to manipulate the system and rankings somehow this may be a way. False/fake subscribers.

I then thought each account would have to pay the sub fee which would really defeat the purpose and cause you to lose money. But then I remembered that it is possible to create coupons, though I have never used that feature. My guess is that nearly all of the “subscribers” are fake accounts this trader created and then had them sign up using a coupon code for probably $0 for who knows what amount of time.

I’m new to the forums but maybe someone with some power could look into this.

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But these are real accounts autotrade the system, so they are losing money, right?

It does not appear so. If you look under the statistics area, he has just 1 auto trader.

I also have no experience on what the options or interface are for an investor. It wonder if its possible to show up as an “autotrader” on the provider’s statistics section while still not even receiving any trades by setting up some sort of trader parameters that would basically except nothing. This part I do not know.

You are correct on the coupon code to make a free subscription. This is a TOS strategy so I wonder if the 1 auto trader is the strategy leader…