Subscriber data

Who has how many subscribers and how long did it take to acquire them?
I’m also wondering if a strategy with an annual 50% ROI would get any subscribers here or is that too little?

Thats a very general question. Its like asking how long does it take to go the north pole.

All kidding aside, its not only the ROI that is looked at but drawdowns, win/losses, scalability, the products traded, what testing has been done, if its TOS traded…etc.

So you probably will have to provide a little more information before anyone can answer your questions more meaningful.

Hope this helps.

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I just want to get a general idea. You can use your strategy as an example, how many subscribers do you have and what are the basic stats of your strategy?

An easy way is to look at the more successful strategies and see how many autotraders they have. If you click on Show Autotrade Data above the trades - if you see a little computer by the trade and click on it, it will give you a good idea of how many subscribers a strategy has (although they may have some more that don’t autotrade).

If you have ROI of 50% with low drawdowns you will get subscribers. No question.

@AlexBeast, I don’t run any strategies at C2 but have invested in them. It depends on a lot of variables. Marketing also can be an extremely big part of the equation too. Since I’ve seen trade leaders that have had lots of subscribers with only 1 to 3 months of trade history. There there are those that have over 1 year and yet have no subs.

So in the end, you really have to treat it like a business. If you have a good product, good marketing you will succeed.

But here in C2 too much marketing can also lead to a quick demise…lol.

I had four subscribers (two with coupon) within the first month (which was ~ 10% gain for my strategy) - then my strategy went sideways and all but one did not renew their subscription. The subscribers pulled their $$$ for auto-trading within a week of sideways performance. I also have six people simulating the strategy - however they seem to be simulating many strategies so I don’t know if that would yield any business - seems like window shoppers are hard to convert to buyers.

In c2 is all about drawdown. Past successful strategies lose all their subs after a drawdown. 20%+ DD u will lose about half of your subs next month.

If u can do 50% gain per yr and 10% or lower draw down you will be popular.