As an Individual Investor/Subscriber what do you look for in a strategy?

Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to start a thread where Portfolio Managers and Investors can feel open in what Investors are looking for in a strategy?

For Example:

  • Profit Factor, Win-Rate, Risk of Ruin, Sharpe-Ratio Leverage, TOS, Cumulative Return, Length of Track Record etc.

What is the certain criteria as an investor are you looking for in a strategy?

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Good risk/reward, low drawdown, low leverage, TOS, six month track record, no forum bragging. Basically a 45 degree angle line.
Is that too much to ask? :grin:

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The question was directed to subscribers and investors, you are an ex vendor.

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Actually I am an investor. Haven’t found something to invest in yet.
Thanks for all the help @LRCManagement, we all missed you here. You must have an alert that goes off when I post. :wink: :kissing_heart:

Almost fully checked - except the TOS (coming soon) and… online bragging… did I mention - fiveHedged


Sound like a Unicorn, if you find a strategy like that please capture it and post it here so we can study it. lol :smiley:

My Systems “PFSignal com” (forex), “Myfxmap com” (currency futures CME Group), “MAP Capital Investment” (forex). TOS is not, but there is a portfolio of my real account. Online bragging is 100% version of two veterans of the forum. -)))


but its forex. you know most of us on c2 CANT trade forex. or there is a lot of restriction to trade forex in the US.

I know it. But for you there is an excellent broker Oanda US and currency futures system. There is a choice.

Actually I look at 4 things - return, max DD, positive monthly percentage and survivability - and last 3 are more important than first one. I learned that I’m much happier when max DD is low, there is high monthly positive percentage, and system survives long term.

Could you more specific of how your criteria in a number (%)?

IMO Interactive Brokers is also very good for US traders.

I like max DD to be below 20%. I realize I’d like to be less than 1%, but that’s just not realistic.
And Monte Carlo stimulation out the door, reality is what matters.

In regards to forex, Oanda is quite easy to set up. And there are a few systems utilizing forex futures that can be traded on IB - I’m actually surprised there are not more systems geared towards that. Remember, tax wise, forex and futures are preferred in US - you have 2/3 long term tax gains, 1/3 short term tax gains for these - but check with your CFA:).