Asset Manager Strategy Designer live on C2

Afternoon Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m now designing strategies on C2. I’m one of the partners of a Consultancy that typically design strategies, and risk mitigation tactics for Asset Managers and other financial entities (predominantly in the U.K.).

Therefore, these strategies are typically only available to the HNW and professional market place.

I’ve joined C2 to assist in bringing some of the strategies I design to the retail market place.

Let me know if you’d like the link to our company website so you can see what we do day to day.

If you google “how to take advantage of a stock market reversal” you’ll also see a press release from E Financial Newsletter talking about our strategies.

Anyway, the strategies I design on here will be slightly different to the ones our Consultancy would design, and structured with EVERY investor in mind.

One is structured with 10k and the other with 25k.

I would expect (and hope) in time that my strategies will become a strong performer in the C2 world, so please reach out if you have any questions.

Strategies are:

Multi FX pure strategy
Multi market alpha.

Please have a look. I’d be very interested in feedback or questions.

Have a great weekend.

Multi FX pure strategy

Multi market alpha

Very good !!! work harder


:rofl: Clients don’t remain HNW for long with that kind of performance.

That’s really the beauty of trading: in the end numbers will have to speak for themselves. Big job titles from the past and big wording can help you in the ‘normal’ world, but not in trading. It’s tough, really tough.


I don’t see anything special with these strategies that would make me want to invest. I think a re-design is needed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks for the comments chaps. Tough crowd on here, eh? Hopefully you’ll see over a slightly longer period of time (eg not after 2 weeks of poor trading) that these strategies will work very well. I’m pretty sure after designing strategies for 20 years, I won’t automatically become poor at it, as soon as I join C2. However, there were some fair comments- the drawdowns have been larger than I would like normally. We’ve been predominantly structured with a ‘risk off’ bias across the board, as equities have made new highs. However, like I said previously- these are designed for the retail market (not HNW’s, UHNW’s or professionals) and not who we’d normally work with, and therefore- rather than yield a conservative 8-15% per annum- we’ll be aiming for substantially more per annum. My advice would be to ‘freeze’ those comments (whether they’re directed at my strategies or anyone else’s on here) before they’ve had a chance to show what they’re all about. Based on investors feedback moving forward, I am happy to amend position sizing to reduce volatility but we’ve structured some of our portfolios with the minimum entry level being as low as 25k USD. We want them to appeal to everyone. If we wanted one quarter of the volatility, we’d have started with 100k accs. Anyway, like I said- thanks for the feedback. I’ll always take it on board, no matter how premature. Happy trading everyone.

I’ve taken a look… these are both terrible strategies, with the same problems inherent in most strategies that are designed with inadequate risk controls and high leverage. I’ve been a C2 member since 2006, and your claims are no different than those of hundreds of other systems that have come and gone, to the detriment of the customers who signed up for them. Once your system attains C2Star certification, I’ll begin believing your claims. Until then, I’ve heard it before and I’m sure you won’t stop telling us why your system is different and how it’s the exception to the rule.

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Thanks for the comments Lewis. I’d rather let the results play out, and they can do the talking for me. I guess we’ll find out what these strategies are like in time. Enjoy your week.

Those are some gaudy numbers you’re tossing up there, keep it up!!

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Where are your strategies today?


You sure did let the results play out! :rofl:

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Have you banged your head or do you just enjoy going on these forums and trolling people?
I thought we put this to bed yesterday.
If you struggled to understand, I’ll give you the facts:

  1. The strategies I was talking about yesterday were all excellent and I had assisted in bringing them to C2. We have a white label relationship with them and our own platform. Hence the good relationship I referenced.
  2. The strategies you referenced are on my profile and have never been traded as we quite quickly formed the white label instead.
  3. The good news is that all 30 of the strategies that we have recruited in the UK, are all profitable and are available on C2.
  4. One of these is averaging 5 new subscribers per day. As I said- excellent strategies.
  5. I was drawing peoples attention to them yesterday, as I think they will assist.
  6. Many of them feature on the C2 leaderboard.

Anyway, I hope having the facts (the real ones, and not the one’s you say I’m saying) assist you, and hopefully you’ll find someone else to troll online. I did have a scan yesterday and noticed a few debates you were getting into. Seriously pal, there are far more productive ways to spend your time.

You won’t be getting into another deabte with me, as like I said yesterday- I’m not sure based on the comments received yesterday it is worth me posting anything which I hoped would assist people, when there are negative people on there trying to shoot them down.

There is no upside. I’ll let the stats speak for themselves.

So, I’m signing out.

You may never win an award for your strategies chap, but you’re definitely the best online troller.

Good work. Good luck. Keep on trolling.


“After working in Finance/Asset Management for 20 years, and making some great trades, and some very poor ones, I now utilise my experience to design trading strategies, risk mitigation tactics, and whole trading divisions for financial entities.”

Listen to me. Just quit your job. Stop harming people. If I were your boss, you would be laid off. Stop harming people. I think you should not work in asset management industry. Being a financial sale (selling stock accumulator, structured product) is more suitable for you.

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