Audio Alerts on New Dashboard

I forgot to mention this earlier. It turns out that there are audio alerts on the new dashboard.

Just make sure that your Dashboard is configured properly.

1) Your “My Systems” list is set to display format "Large, top of page"

2) You Sound is ON

(Set both of these settings by clicking “Dashboard Options” on upper left of screen.)

Once you set up your dashboard this way, you will receive nifty audio alerts (with different alerts for fills, new signals, cancels, etc) on your dashboard.

If you’d like to try it out, subscribe to the C2 Test System, which issues random trade signals every minute or so. It’s free:

Let me know what you think. The only thing which it doesn’t have, and which the old ITM did have, is the ability to annoyingly repeat audio alerts ad-infinitum, until acknowledged. Is there a demand for this annoying feature? Please try out the current audio alerts system and let me know if it is sufficiently annoying without infinitely repeating alerts.


I find the old ITM more (and very) useful.
The annoying sound is not an issue since ITM is of optional usage and the sound itself may be turned off immediately using a click (not an issue).
The idea is to notice the warning when not focused to the PC so loudness and repetitiveness is useful (current sound is more like a single click and may be easily not noticed).
Thanks for your interest.
ITM! ITM! We want ITM! ITM! :smiley: