Auto trade fees

is there a way for a developer to specify what auto trade fees the default performance stats present to new visitors. ie. my trades are presenting auto trader fees of approx $85 for i believe about 4-6 futures contracts in the category of typical brokerage fees. Futures trading fees are typically no more than $5 round trip, yet $80 for auto trading? will someone help me understand these fees and the details on this please. [LINKSYSTEM_66534205]


When a person first comes to C2, he is automatically shown the “default broker commissions.” That is to say that all P/L results on the site are adjusted to include commissions and fees. The “default commissions rate” is typically the most favorable commission rate for the instrument class in question.

Later, people can change their preferred default commission plan. To change your own plan, click CHANGE COMMISSION PLAN, which can be found near the monthly percent gain/loss grid at the top of the system page, or - alternately - just above the Recently Closed Trades list.

You’ll see a list of C2-compatible Gen3 brokers. You can see the specific cost per broker by clicking the question mark icon beside each broker’s name.

Note that when you select a commission plan, you are doing so only for your own viewing pleasure. Other C2 users will see the default commission rate until he or she specifically chooses another commission plan.

We’ll be adding other commission rates as more brokers become Gen3 compatible. Like Interactive Brokers, for instance.