Open E Cry: Futures Commission Rate

The C2 AutoTrade page versus Open E Cry’s commission rate page do not appear to match. Why does Open E Cry state a $0.15 per side fee for the OEC API, and the C2 website states $1.99?

So, can anyone tell me the typical commission they pay for a round-trip with an Open E Cry account and C2 AutoTrade enabled?

The C2 AutoTrade page states:

"Live account: commission + $1.99 per contract side AutoTrade fee charged by broker"

Openecry’s website states:

Futures 0-300 trades = $1.29


"The table above does not include customary NFA and exchange fees."


"Positions held overnight generating a full exchange margin will be charged an additional $0.20 per contract."


"OEC API Rates

A direct connection fee of $0.15 per side will be applied to all commission rates (listed above) for trades sent directly through the OEC API not utilizing the OEC Trader Software."

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I can answer that question, but my posts seem to disappear every time I do.

OEC charges the $0.15, a company called Trade Integration charges OEC $1.99 per contract per side. OEC passes the $1.99 on to you.

You can talk OEC down to a $2.40 base per side. I have not had any luck talking the $1.99 down with Trade Integration.

So, for less then 500 contracts. I am paying.

$2.40+$0.15+$1.99= $4.54 per side, or $9.08 per trade per contract. There is also a hold over night fee, if you are not day trading.