How to setup IB for autotrading?

I just signed up with IB so I can autotrade a C2 system.

I am based in London - and I just went directly to the IB website and opened an account (and funded it).

Now when I go to setup an autotrade system through C2, it asks me to choose one of:

AGM Technology (Interactive Brokers)

BulldogFX Futures (Interactive Brokers)

Experia (Interactive Brokers)

I dont think any of these apply to me?

Any advice would be great.

Hello Mohammad,

I see today that you have emailed the help desk with your questions. We will respond to you directly as well.

- Alen

Hi Alen,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I have not had a response from anyone at helpdesk in the last 3 days.

I have decided to stop the subscription until such time that someone can reply to me. There is no point in me paying for a subscription which I cannot autotrade.

Hopefully we can resolve this soon.

Dear Mohammad,

IB only offers Autotrading through C2 compatible introducing brokers such as Experia, AGM Technology, and BulldogFX.

The moment a trader sets up Autotrading, the broker selected is sent an email letting them know of your plans. That broker will contact IB and find out if your account is eligible for Autotrading. If your account is eligible, the broker will send you instructions on how to link your account to their master account. If your account is not eligible, then the broker will provide you with instructions on how to open a new account.

You should hear from the broker within a day or two, but you are always welcome to contact them directly by email.

Experia email:

AGM Technology email:

BulldogFX email:

- Melissa

I had the same question. I already have an account with IB, and I simply want to autotrade C2 systems in my IB account. I have no intention or desire to open another account with an "introducing broker". Aside from the headache and hassle, these "introducing brokers" charge much higher fees than IB.

The bottom line is IB autotrading remains useless to me on C2.

Hi, Reinhard:

The fact that you are required to use an introducing broker to use server-based (Gen3) Autotrading at Interactive Brokers is not because we want to make things hard for you. It’s a requirement created by Interactive Brokers itself, one which they force upon their customers. Other brokers do not require it.