Who to blame? (I know no one)

I’d like to see more robust system and more prompt support when autp-trading got in some trouble.

My auto-trade account didn’t work yesterday at all after configuring auto-trade back and forth before the bell. I reported the issue right after the bell, but no one worked for me on fixing the issue until this morning.

The price surge of this opening was so high that I could have earned about $30,000 (no typo) if the buy orders have been taken place yesterday. Instead, now I’m seeing about -$10,000 since my account got sync’ed after the bell, and stock prices are swinging back.

I’m so much discouraged. Be careful when you configure your auto-trade settings (especially if you have YoutualFund auto-trading account too).


I send an email to Matt (mcvella@collective2.com) and usually get a prompt reply on things like these. I think others are more busy.

I would recommend to sync only when there are no open positions as it is not advisable to chase positions by synching to existing open positions. Take only new positions, not sync with already open positions as profit taking market swings back. I expected the market trend to continue so I held my positions overnight but in this case it did not, but atleast it did not decline. Cash is king.

Please do not get discouraged. The market is like a benevolent father, it will always give you a second chance as in the long term the market is mean reverting.

Thank you, Pal, for your kind words. As you might have realized, I’m subscribing one of your extremely performant systems. Yeah, I was careless to sync the positions right after the price surge over night. I’ll be more careful and follow what you suggested when to sync.

Please keep up the great work, Pal. I haven’t seen such a system like yours which keeps bringing me unbelievable excitements again and again. I so much appreciate your efforts behind the scene!

Hi Hideya,

Like Pal said the market will give you a second chance and I believe you got your second chance since the last mishap. Now I’m starting invest in Pal’s system, and hopefully he and the market will give me a second chance too. I think his systems are here to stay and will continue to produce amazing results. The result is so amazing that some people still have doubt, not me I’m going to jump in the next new trade. Like he said don’t chase the current one.


Anh Nguyen

Hi Anh,

Yes, the market and Pal’s system did give me a second chance – amazing 20% surge over night. Thanks to that, I finally recovered from all the accumulated losses from other systems since joining C2. My hat off to Pal. Hope the system keeps yielding this exceptional performance and brings us more good news :slight_smile: