Hire more help!

I’ve been waiting several days for a response to my post in C2 Developer.

I installed the MT4 interface on my PC and I’ve defined my EA’s basic info on C2 ‘New_BronzeCross’ but it doesn’t appear when I search for it in the systems.

I tried to setup a model account but could not locate a Simulated Broker I only get your list of C2 compatible brokers. I’m not ready to use a live account just to test. Maybe I’m missing a step or two or my sequence of steps performed is out of whack. Please help.


Bill -

I do not see that you have created a system on Collective2. Have you created one? If so, what is its system ID #?

If not … well, that would be a good first step. Go here to start a system:


As far as using our Simulated Broker, I am not sure what the issue is. To use the simulated broker, just set up autotrading for the system you want to AutoTrade. You will see "Free Simulated Brokerage Account" in your list of broker options.

While I thought I had created my trading system it seems I went down a different group of pages and hadn’t. Now I have, but it did not give me a system ID #. I also found the AutoTrading thru a different group of pages to find the Free Simulated Broker and was able to locate my sytem ID#.

It seems all roads do not lead to Rome on C2. lol

Perhaps a few help files with links to the correct pages and step by step could eliminate much of the hours of frustration I went through and wasting of your time responding to my emails.



Td ameritrade, IB and others have a simulated brokerage setup as well as investopedia.