Autotrade Performance Report

Please do something about the autotrade performance report. Almost all the systems that i autotraded has got the performance report wrong. It is especially so when manual intervention was made by subscribers such as adjustment of profit targets, auto stoploss or stopping autotrade. There are lots of open ended transactions which was not closed although most were in fact closed at my broker. Perhaps give us an option to close it?

P/S:- of course i maintain my own performance report but will be nice if you can sort this out. Else why put it there when no one uses it?

You can edit your AutoTrade Performance Report (getting rid of transactions, or re-assigning them to various systems) by clicking on the little pencil icon next to a transaction.

This editing functionality is what we euphemistically call “self-service,” which is a nice way of saying, You’ll need to be in charge of it, although we can try to help a bit if you email us.

If you’re curious about why you might sometimes need to edit an AutoTrade Performance Report in the first place, the answer is that we’re not your broker, and so we don’t have full access to your account data.

Instead, our software tries to do a lot of clever detective work, piecing together your Autotrade Performance stats based on the limited data we do have access to: the signals sent to your broker, and the execution reports your broker sends back to us. But all sorts of things can make this detective work harder: margin calls, external orders that were placed by you or your broker outside of C2, expirations, assignments, etc.

This is not meant as an excuse (well, I suppose it is a bit of an excuse), but rather is meant to set expectations: We try really hard to make the Performance Report software smart enough to figure out which trades belong to which strategy, and which are not part of C2 at all. But sometimes, a little human guidance can be helpful. That’s why the little pencil icon is placed next to each trade.

If you click it, you’ll see something like this:

You’ll be able to edit the price of a trade (since no one but you sees this report, this is fine with us).

You can also re-assign trades if they are incorrectly assigned to the wrong trading system:

Or you can delete extraneous trades entirely. You’ll probably want to use this last feature if you find the Performance Reports “out of balance” by an extra transaction or two.

As always, your broker is the place to go for your real performance data. Our AutoTrade reports are provided as a convenience to C2 members, and we’re going to keep improving them over time. But, if you’re ever in doubt, rely on your broker for all important information.