Autotrade "Read Only" Question


Why is my bulldogFX account "read only"? I thought we could still trade the account when its on autotrade?



As a general rule, you can’t really manually trade side-by-side in the same account that you AutoTrade. You can of course manually adjust your AutoTrading, by (for example) closing positions early, setting your own stop losses and profit targets, increasing or decreasing the position size established by the system you subscribed to, etc. – but this is done through the C2 interface, not your broker’s trade screen.

Some brokers therefore set up your C2 AutoTrade account as “read-only” which means you can’t use their platform to manually trade side-by-side with AutoTrading, but must instead use C2.

This helps ensure that AutoSync keeps your account in sync with the systems you are subscribed to.