Trading in my own account

I have a forex account with MB Trading and I use 2 subscriptions that auto trade. I went to MB Trading platform and made a trade myself. A few hours later I got an e-mail for you stating that auto trading had been stopped because I had entered an order myself. Is there a way I can trade the account without losing "Auto-trade".

Hi, Thomas -

Anytime we see an unexplained “manual” order in your account (i.e. an order you enter directly at your broker, and not through a C2 screen), then we shut down Autotrading. We do explain this when a customer initially sets up AutoTrading. It’s really a safety feature.

Now, if you want to conduct discretionary trading alongside other C2 systems that you’ll be AutoTrading, you might want to consider creating a C2 “system” whose sole function is to handle your discretionary trading. You can keep it a private/test system, so that no one sees it but you. You can elect to AutoTrade your own system. Thus, you’ll be able to enter discretionary trades through C2, and the AutoTrading of other systems won’t be affected.

It’s not the most perfect solution, but it’s something worth considering.


Hi, this sounds like a good-ish option. Would I pay a fee for such a self-managed private system? (And while I have your attention, any timing on the Interactive/Gen3 connection? It’s been a long wait…thanks)

Just adding: I have tried trader68 with Interactive and I (and they) could not get it to work.