Autotrade stopped for Intereactive Brokers?

I realized that my IB stop taking autotrade signals a couple of hours back. Autotrade control panel shows nothing. I checked some of the systems i autotraded, it shows none of IB accounts took the trade. For example at zakum. Is there some bugs with the system?

We had an issue with our connection with IB this morning. Things are back to normal, we apologize for the inconvenience.

I just want to comment that on some autotrade sites, the company will reimburse commissions / give a rebate if the error is coming from their end. This never makes up for the potential big error, but at least it shows that C2 is willing to take a hit when their clients are.

I don’t know the error on this particular situation but I am speculating that C2 does not have such a policy because it wants to be profitable. I have been repeatedly told that I have to eat commissions even if the C2 platform “accidentally” puts in extra orders or does not behave like it should.

Doesn’t seem fair to pay extra for platform/company errors.

Thanks for the explanation. I hope this is a one-off and some kind of backup solution is in place as it is quite a serious and fundamental flaw. Anyway, not to take anything away from a great platform, C2 has been superb so far.

I agree with you, collective2 should be more responsible for any errors caused by bugs or the errors from collective2.

As i understand C2 allows you as a subscriber to request a refund for any subscription fees you’ve paid recently to systems you are subscribed to .

But why ask for a full system refund if only 1 trade is messed up? C2 has been great when dealing with subscription billing, I am not talking about that.

There is no doubt that programming a bug-free platform is very difficult. However some competitors to C2 reimburse even the difference between hypothetical and actual trades for slippage. I got $95 from a C2 competitor due an error on their platform for forex slippage (it was above “normal” slippage).

I am not even asking that. I am just asking for some kind of reimbursement for C2 errors. If this was a subscription-free platform and they made their money solely from transaction fees, I can kind of understand having no reimbursement.

However, paying monthly subscription fees, autotrade fees, AND per-transaction fees; I expect a higher quality platform with some kind of “quality guarantee refund” for the transaction fees.

This is like selling a trading system that you do not trade yourself. Sure your system might have value but can you really be fully trusted when you don’t put your money where your confidence is?

Just my 2 cents,