Major errors in c2 software

I’ve been using c2 for several weeks, i have invested in several subscribers, and like the idea, the concept, and the great traders here.

however , I’m having major issues with functionality, resulting in many unnecessary losses…

today just trying to setup a new auto trade subscription the whole dashboard just folded, wiping all the positions to zero. i lost £££’s. yesterday i saw an unexplained loss with no mirror trade for over 2k.

a subscription has been unsubscribed. no explanation given…

tech support has explained every issue away as me being confused, and when asked have said they feel there is nothing wrong with the software…theyre not listening to genuine concerns from a positive client who wants to both support the company, pay subscribers properly and make money.

I’m using safari 7.0.6 on a macbook air. seeing random and unnecessary losses is infuriating, aswell as the p and l repot showing the wrong info, or completely unsynced to my broker, dxcm.

anyone else having these issues? i want to love c2, I’ve found some great traders, but genuinely i fee the software is def unstable.

i want to trade with confidence with the sunsxriptions and auto trade fee i have invested in.

thisis a positive message, I’m trying to get things straight and settle into an enjoyable investment.

how can i make my c2 platform more stable? so far theres no question of reimbursement.

thanks for reading.

charles roscoe

I had couple problems with auto-trading feature and reported them. I was told that everything should be as it was traded, I wasn’t able to deliver my arguments successfully to C2 help desk. Sometimes they have a bad habit to close the ticket after their answer was given, even the answer was not satisfactory.

For me the Gen3 autotrading via InteractiveBrokers has been trouble free. It’s worked better than I expected.

Hi Charles,

What happened is you first setup Autotrading in Wugot at FXCM with your FXCM account number. Later when you realized this was not the correct account, you changed the account in the Wugot Autotrade setup to your Futures account number at a different broker–so far so good–but you left the broker as FXCM in your Autotrade settings. C2 only supports one account number per broker, so this had the effect of changing your FXCM account to an invalid account for all your systems where FXCM was the chosen broker.

This functionality is by design to accommodate clients who want to change Autotrading from one account to another so it flattens the old account and reopens the positions in the new account. That is why you Zip4X positions were closed.

As for the lost subscription, the system you mentioned privately never had any subscribers. Perhaps you were thinking of a different system.

It always upsets us to hear about a C2 member who has a bad experience. We want to make the experience of using C2 great. So I want to make sure that my colleagues and I learn from your experience and make the process better for future users. Perhaps we can make the AutoTrade Setup Wizard notice that a user is changing an account number at a broker that is already trading, and give the user an opportunity to change his or her mind before going forward. We’ll look into this, and other ideas, to improve the experience for all users going forward.