Bad Fill

Hi Mathew,

I know you had problems with you autotrading server this morning, but how do you rectify/compensate people who have lost money on a trade that should have been profitable.

I subscribe to Ghawar and use MBTrading as my autotrade Broker. I was filled at $87.08 when the system was filled at $86.36 and exited at $86.79 the same as the system. My loss was $290 and the system profit was $424…a difference of $714.

How can we as uses of C2 have faith that our hard earned money is not lost due to faults in your system that is out of our control?

It is hard enough to make money in any system but very frustrating to loose money when the actual trade was profitable.

Shall I take this to MB Trading or is it a C2 issue?