Auto-trading a single system with two OX accounts?

I’m a new to C2 and got a question…

Is it possible to auto-trade a single C2 system with two OptionsXpress accounts?

I have two, a regular and an IRA, accounts with OX, and I have one system that I’d like to apply auto-trading for the two accounts. If I try to set them up from “Setup AutoTrading”, it doesn’t seem to allow me to reuse the same system applied for more than one account (it doesn’t allow me to repurchase the system twice neither). It would be great if someone could let me know how to do it…? (I’m aware that risk-hedge-wise it is not a good idea to depend only one system, but at this moment I only have one system which I’d like to apply to part of the both OX accounts)

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Hideya:

There is no really simple way to do this, although it is possible. The main thing you need to know is that one Collective2 user account can only trade System X in one brokerage account at a time. (Keep in mind, you can trade as many systems as you like, in as many brokerage accounts. The limit is that a particular system can only be traded in one account at a time.)

The way around this is to create a second C2 User Account. This is a bit of a pain in the ass, I admit, because it means making a separate login for your second account – separate email and password, etc. Then of course you will need a second subscription to the trading system for this account. However, most system developers are very happy to offer second subscriptions at very reduced prices (just explain what you are trying to do, tell them the user name and email of your second account, and ask them for a discounted subscription coupon).

In short, it ain’t the simplest thing in the world, but it’s not impossible, either; and quite a few C2 users do this for certain systems.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for quickly getting back to me. I’ll try the way you mentioned. Related to it, is there any discount for my second G3 License too?


Yes, the second G3 AutoTrade License will be completely free. After you set up your second C2 User Account, just contact our help desk ( and tell us which C2 account has your paid-for license, and which c2 account you want to have a second, free license.

Sounds great! Thank you! :smiley: