AUTOtrading problem

OK, Matthew

1) For autotrading, none of the demo trades I did from a personal system got through to the broker demo. So I wrote it off to, it must be what I traded (pit AND electronic) is somehow not available (even though I am sure some of them were). So I gave up on demo.

2) Now when I tried to a LIVE broker account from a personal system, the only trade I did also did not get through. It looks fine on C2, but the trade stayed on C2. the broker said, "talk to C2."

3) The autotrade page is setup correctly, based on everything I see. It is pretty simplistic,

What is missing???

It may be a case where OpenECry has not yet “mapped” your newly set up account to C2. I’ll look into it and follow up as soon as we get it sorted out. Hang on…


If you discover there is a delay in account setups with any broker , that might be something useful to document. I think users would find this useful…

As I suspected, the problem is that OEC did not yet map your account. I just emailed to you the proper contact at OEC whom you should contact to ask for help.


I had put in trades at 10:05 and 10:30 est, neither of which got through. So I will try again tomorrow…

Broker mapped my REAL account yesterday. I scheduled two trades today; the first one did NOT go through.

It shows on the C2 track record, but never made it to broker:

@OJU8 system ID 15923627

No, Ross. OpenECry simply has not yet turned on your account. I will email your privately with a phone number over at OpenECry you can call to expedite things.

Well, this is their reply:

Monday, June 30, 2008 1:41 PM

I have mapped your account to collective 2

Hope this helps.


Daniel Albeit

Ross: Please take this conversation off line and email me. The public forum isn’t the best place for my attempting to provide you with service. The fact is that your account is not turned on at OpenECry. I will call them on your behalf to see what’s going on.