AutoTrading was disabed in account

Out of nowhere, yesterday with an open position I got an email saying

"Please by advised that Autotrading has been suspended in your MBTrading Autotraded account Exxxxxxxx. 'Not logged in to User xxxxxx’

Please go to this page to re-enable your account:

I’m aware that if you do manual trades on your broker this will disable autotrade, but in this case I didn’t touch anything on the broker side and this message just came by itself.

I was lucky enough to be around the computer and was able to go online and manually reinstate autotrade.

However, This is troubling. This was a forex account, and if I had not been around I could have been exposed to massive losses and probably a margin call because EC2 disabled autotrade and the open position would not have been properly closed by the underlying strategy, ‘Strawberry Rhudard FX’ in this case.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


We suddenly got a "User not logged in" message when our server tried to place an order, so you account was deactivated and you were notified. I have asked MBT to look into why. Did you log in to MBT Navigator at that time by any chance?

Hello there,

Yes I was tracking the progress of the trade on MBT Navigator and may have logged in on the website to see if everything was synced up. I was making very sure I was not touching any positions.

I personally have no idea what a "User not logged in" message means when it comes to Autotrading. AFAIK Gen3 autotrading works between C2 and the broker all by itself, and if there is any logon procedure you guys are doing it with the broker.

Seems like there is a glitch somewhere…

MBT is still investigating but it looks like you kicked us out of your account when you logged on to their web site reports, so logon to only one platform at a time (Navigator or web) until we know more. My guess is users are only allowed 2 simultaneous logons and when a 3rd was used it kicked us out.

Thank you for looking into this,

Now that I remember I may also have been looking at the account from my cellphone using their android app, so its conceivable that I may have been logged in in three different places, C2 being the fourth. I don’t think I was in all platforms at the same time, maybe the software didn’t log me out and I was logged in in all those systems simultaneously.

IMHO None of this should be a problem, and C2 specially should not be ‘logged out’ of its auto trade session by any reason. Please fix soon.