Locked out of my account

I have been using this site for around a month and feel that I got a pretty good handle on the functionality (and mostly minor quirks) - completed over 100 trades so somewhat comfortable now about how to trade through C2 account tied with my broker.

HOWEVER today for some reason

- my system is not syncing with my account (checked sync manager, nothing there and settings are all correct)

- when I buy/sell from the open positions screen, it is not happening in my broker account (have enough capital in my account)

- open positions listing is showing I have EURCAD 30k long but my actual

broker account is showing 20k short

- when i add more positions in open positions in just stays as working for

45 minutes plus (have not seen any action yet)

- delayed price in open positions is wayyyyyyyyyy off - I have two EUR/USD shorts under different systems, one is showing 1.30093, other is showing 1.30109 whereas my broker is showing 1.30402

I essentially have absolutely no control over my money which is not a good feeling at all - been over 30 minutes since I contact the help desk (via email of course since that is the only C2 option). Seems to be quite a few issues with C2 recently over the past week or so with pricing misfeeds and now this - are you guys undergoing some changes which the users should know about so we can wait until the house is sorted?

Hi, Umar -

There was a problem with our main AutoTrade server in our data center this morning. We have brought the machine back online and it will begin resyncing accounts. You may already see this happening.

Francis and I are looking into exactly what happened and why we were not informed of the problem earlier.

Please check your account in 10 minutes and if it is not re-synced, contact me at matthew at collective2