Dear Lyan

I have as broker Interactive Brok. and I want to subscribe timer Etf and want to

use autotrade with TRade68. Do you have used ETftimer ? If you used it did you have

problems using trade68?

I am sorry for my english… I am italian and i don’t speak very well yuor language.


Roberto Melon

Dear Reberto,

I’m using Trader68 (i.e.T68) to autotrade a C2 system. I never used the system called ETF Timer. My experience with Trader68 is it works fine with simple order types, like market or limit orders. Maybe it will work well with etf timer.

Hopefully this is of any help.


I’m autotrading ETF Timer with TradeBullet. Works perfectly.

Not exactly a subtle way to advertise your TradeBullet product…

The poster asked about T68. He does not know about you, and would very wrongly assume that you were giving an objective opinion.

In reality, you are marketing using deceptive methods. This seems beneath you - someone who has seemed like a normally honest person…

Oh please. I really am autotrading that system in my live account with TradeBullet. There is nothing deceptive about my post.

"There is nothing deceptive about my post. "

1) You didn’t bother to reveal that it is also the system you sell. If you don’t see the deception, then it is unfortunate…

2) The poster did NOT ask about TradeBullet. He asked about T68.

From a subscriber’s standpoint I would welcome the message from Francis, whether he makes the disclosure that he is also the TB system developer or not, since everyone who has been following the forum for a while knows that.

From an honesty point of view, roberto melon is obviously new, and english is obviously not his first language (as he said).

If someone on C2 has a system, and takes another alias and shills for it, he gets criticized. From Roberto’s point of view, that is what Francis is doing. As I think I already said a couple of times.

I’m autotrading ETF Timer with Trader68. Works perfectly.

(See what I did there) :slight_smile:

I set up a new account at OptionsExpress so that I could autotrade ETF Timer with the version of autotrade that runs on the collective2 server, meaning that I don’t have to keep any software runnning on my computer.

So far, so good, although it has only been a week or so since I got started.

any updates on ur results so far…?

newbie to C2, but biggest drawback I see is excessive transaction fees eating into most of your profit - unless your trading with substantial capital.[LINKSYSTEM_30415311]

Ciao Roberto, vorrei mettermi in contatto con te perchè ho le stesse tue caratteristiche.

Se vuoi manda una mail a

Ciao Roberto, vorrei mettermi in contatto con te perchè ho le stesse tue caratteristiche.

Se vuoi manda una mail a