AutoTrade not working


I’m a new user of C2. I subscribed to a system a few days ago, I set up autotrading, and I use Trader68 to autotrade at Interactive Brokers. I have Trader68 and TWS running pretty much 24/7 (its a Forex system) except weekends. Trader68 shows all “lights” green, says everything is connected and autotrading. I have selected the system in Trader68’s portfolio settings and configured it. In short, as far as I can tell, everything is good to go.

However, I just opened my email and found two signals received a couple of hours ago. There’s no sign of any such signals received via autotrading.

What could be wrong? What am I missing?

Many thanks!


I see from our logs that at least one forex signal was sent properly from C2’s servers to your Trader68 (STO GBPJPY @ stop 206.95). However we have not received any fill reports back from your Trader68. I think you should contact Trader68 support for further help, since it appears to be an issue with your Trader68 configuration.


I hope that you were able to get short our signal close to where the system went short. I noticed the market was moving at a very slow speed for over a day, so even manual traders of our system should have been able to get in.


— Brad

If you’re using version 1 of Trader68, there was bug in that version regarding time zones. That version of Trader68 automatically ignored any signal older than five minutes. To do this, it looked at the signal posted time from C2 without converting it into local time. This issue is fixed in version 2 which was released middle of last week. Let us know if it resolves the problem.