Last week I subscribed another C2 system (Called AV). I do not know why the orders from C2 did not get into Trader68, therefore, my IB/ TWS did not get any order inputs, and there were no error messages. I had other C2 systems before, everything used to work fine.

I noticed that the connection between C2 and T68 was good, and I had tested the connection by using another C2 system, the orders from that system got into T68 and my IB/TWS account no problem.

I sent emails to C2 they said their systems have no problem. I am not convinced. Inside C2, there is an ITM (Instant Trade Messager),

I can only get order info from there, meaning, the autotrading function claimed by C2 was not working in this case.

Right now I have to keep my eyes on the screen and manually input the orders, everybody can imagine what kind of pain it is.

I’m wondering maybe some C2 users had the same problem and get it solved. Please help me figuring out what is incorrect.

Any help is deeply appreciated!



You’ve sent me two emails, and in neither of them did I tell you our "systems have no problem."

I did suggest that, to get the best kind of support for the Trader68 product which you are using, you should directly contact the company that makes Trader68, NeuroDimension. I’ve forwarded to you their support contact information in response to your emails. It would be helpful if you could contact them and let them look at your Trader68 configuration, and see if you have your Trader68 software program configured properly to trade the instruments you want to trade.

By all means, let me know what they discover. Thanks - Matthew

Hello Lyan,

I just received your email and we will be more than happy to look into it. However, the search function is not cooperating with me right now for when I search for the AV system it takes me to a page that says "True". I assume the site is having a Javascript problem right now with the search function.

In the meantime please email me the Message log from within Trader68 with Debug Messages enabled from the Tools menu under Options. This will show us if you received the signals from Collective2 or not.


Steve @ Trader68 Support.

Dear Matt,

I already did what you indicated in your last mail, i.e. contacting Trader68.

I also sent them a screenshot of the C2 ITM to let them know the order info. I am just wondering why other C2 systems worked fine with my Trader68 settings, this AV did not. If somebody at this Forum can point out what I did wrong thus to solve the problem that will be a great help.