Avacado Futures Trader Strategy Top 1%

Please check out and let me know if I can answer any of your questions. Drawdowns and high leverage are the part of the high growth strategy. I can help you customize your position size based on your account size.


Good job C2 algorithm. This is exactly the kind of thing we need. :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:



Thank you. It can be easily scale up or down(depends on your account size). We drastically reduce the leaverage requirement in last two months. We help our subscribers choose right acccount size and trade quantities.

Very attractive offer by the way. 100% drawdown. Maybe sub will owe a broker something if they will be not be quick enough to close him at margin call.

And really cheap I can note. Other would charge you no less than 500 bucks.

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But don’t you know he is only using 19.5 times leverage now not 442.61. So it must be safe now right… :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:

Just in case people don’t understand sarcasm. I would never invest in anything with a leverage graph that spikes to high levels while the equity curve drops. It is clear evidence of doubling down. To get the leverage graph overlay simply click the little chart image next to where it says Leverage in the statistics. (easiest to do on a computer)


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Hello InteraciveAssets, As I mentioned in my previous comment, leverage is up to the individual subscriber’s discretion. We help to customize each account. Are you a subscriber or strategy manager? Why’s your profile hidden? I would love to see the strategies you have been subscribing to or managing. The majority of the bad statistics aka max leverage, max drawdown are from May 2021 when the platform transit trades were out of sync and C2’s forced liquidation triggered. Happy Investing.

Maybe you should recommend a leverage scale in your strategy description and how aggressive you will be trading…

It was actually a technical glitch between platform transit trades and C2 platform. We reported that to C2 and stopped transmitting platform trades. There’s no way any strategy can survive with 100 drawdown. However drawdown is part of our strategy.

We give scale recommendations based on account size. For example, $51000 can only scale up to 3 ES contracts since our system requires overnight margin. We encourage all subscribers to contact us for setting up their accounts.
Here’s our strategy description :
"May Trades are due to inconsistency between C2 platform margin requirement and our brokerage margin requirement. We never had these loss.
Drawdowns are good and they are part of the high growth strategy.
The Avacado Futures Trades model has been back-tested for seven years. Our proprietary system looks for an array of situations and includes both short (1-5 days) and long-term (1-4 weeks) futures plays.

The Avacado Futures Trader system looks for unusual Futures volume, parabolic price/time movements, drastic changes in the relative strength, and a host of other studies. These factors are then given a score based on the values in each of the studies.

All of this data is then weighted against current market conditions to determine our recommendations. Some indicators point to longer-term plays, while others are only short-lived. Regardless of the time frame, our system removes the guesswork and allows you to maximize your gains.
Please scale your postions based on your account balance and overnight margin requiremnt with your brokerage.
Please ping me to help you setup intial account minimum etc."

I’ve never seen a strategy with that level of leverage usage last on C2 for long periods of time with consistent trading.


He can be here for a long time. But a 90%+ drawdown will ensure he never gets subs. :wink:

Dude had a dozen margin calls in the first month or two.

Because C2 makes money on offering reset the strategy and people often dump their strategy and start a new one. BTW you didn’t disclose your public profile.

Just search his screen name in the dashboard and you can see his profile and strategies.

I think subscribers are pretty smart and all subscribers are not looking similar outcome risk/reward from strategies. Good luck with your strategy.

I have two strategies available to the public.
Patience is a Virtue (Main)
Patience for Futures (New)

The rest are private as shown here Strategy Activity Details: InteractiveAssets


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Ahah that explains. You have 5 strategies out of that 3 are totally underperforming and no longer public.
There is no reason for you to be angry or frustrated about other strategies if yours not working well.

I am not looking you as a subscriber at all. Spreading negative remarks will not improve your strategy ranking. Focus on yours.

That’s not why they are private and performance of ones strategy isn’t a prerequisite for knowing doubling down isn’t a good idea.

Make a post in a public forum and you just might get public feedback…:exploding_head:

Dude. Yours had a 98% drawdown.

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That’s in May and I have explained the reaosns for that Anyway I don’t intend to close or reset my strategy. It will grow it’s adoption in current format only. Stay Tuned.