Average price

Is there a way to add to a position without averaging the price into one trade? For instance…I buy 1 eurusd contract and want to buy another 2 contracts…Cant these two trades be separate? I dont care for the averaging of positions for my style of trading.

That is not supported.

Because I suspect it might come up, let me repeat what I have said elsewhere about this matter: Whether the trade components are shown as one gradual "legging in" to a larger position, or whether they are shown as separate trade legs, makes no mathematical difference. Your profit and loss will be exactly the same on a GAAP marked-to-market basis, regardless of the sequence in which you open and close the legs of a multi-leg trade.

So if I buy the eurusd at 1.3625 and add another long position at 1.3600 then I close 1 position at 1.3620 for 20 pips, does the first trade continue to run and close out the 1.3600 for 20 pips profit? How does this work.