How many subscribers

I just started a system on C2 (s&p select) and was just wondering; how many subscribers do the successful systems typically get? Can we see this information somehow?

That’s an interesting question and a few vendors have asked it before (use the search function on this forum). I don’t know the answer, but I am interested to hear your definition of a “successful” system.

There was a system that claims 24 subscribers at it’s peak before the system crashed.

There are amigos who cannot recover from last drop, but they claimed ~40 subscribers at they peak.

There were “professionals” who is now out of the business. Just search for “CoinCollector” at C2.

There were bunch of so-call “hedge funds”. Gone.

One thing that is close to all the guys is “flat fee” and very active around C2’s business.


P.S. Just care about your system. If you cannot provide anything who cares about you?

Uh, that’s not going to break the bank. The reason why I am asking this is to try to establish if C2 is the best option when it comes to selling a system.

C2 is the best option for proving you have something tangible to sell, by creating a real-world unbiased independent track record for it. Until you are able to establish such a track record, how you choose to sell it is mostly irrelevant. Some folks on here showcase their systems hoping for a private fund to take it over. A few systems have been taken over (and I was a subscriber to one such system) as a result of their C2 performance stats.

If you have a decent system, then you will get subscribers. I have many sunscribers right now.

Some problem with C2 is that some of their data streams are not reliable ie in real life certain fills never occured, however the owner has been good enough to make corrections to your system if you report the problem.

Other problems are that C2 data feeds will not work during certain times, which means that in real life you will get winning trades, that don’t show up in C2, and don’t get posted to your subscriber accounts even though in your real money trades you will have made a profit

Other problems include that C2 will highlight systems of unproven vendors as being good when in fact that they are not.

Benefits of C2 include the fact that autotrader middle vendors are linked to C2 so that if you have subscribers who autotrade, the only way you can get that to work is being part of C2 which is why I have not gone private since I have subscribers that perfer I autotrade.

Are “sunscribers” people who draw with light? Kidding. :wink:

Brad, I looked at both your systems. Since the performance of the RT Hedge LT system isn’t too exciting, is the RT Forex North system where most/all of your subscribers come from? If so, when did your subscriptions begin? (after 3 months, 6 months, 9 months?)

Cheers, Chris

I had subscribers on RT Forex North after about 1 month. The longer your system is on C2, the more subscribers you can get.