Thanks to Beau and Gilbert for taking the time to share their experience with subscribers here on C2.

While I always suspected a large number of views were required to generate a paying subscriber, I had no idea it was in the 400-500 views per subscriber range. Or that roughly only 5% of analyst pages featuring a system subscribed to it. Posting on C2 truly is a numbers game.

Beau, in your posting you wrote “Per 6, you’d only have a shot if you were in the business already with good connections. I do have an audience with those folk, but it is a very slim chance that they would do anything in the first place.” I was just curious why the people who have the means to enable a hedge fund are so reluctant to utilize systems on C2? What are they looking for?

Hopefully more people will post to this forum so that system developers can get a better sense of what they need to do to make their system a success.