Bad Fill....?

I got stopped out of a trade when my stop was 50 pips away…what do I do?

Anyway to corredt or reset it?


Fill out a trouble ticket:

Here is a link that describes how to report a problem with a trouble ticket:

The example above has several screen shots which may help you.

Or, if you prefer, you can follow the text-only instructions below.

How to fill out a trouble ticket:

1) Log in to your C2 account.

2) Go to the trading system in question.

3) Immediately above the trade details, you’ll see an area that says: “What this page displays.” Make sure you turn on: "Report problem links."

4) Now, every executed trade (or unexecuted pending signal) will display a little green question mark. Click the question mark to report a problem with a fill.

I got filled on several trades tonight which were entered on stops that were not yet hit or even close. I reported these on a trouble ticket. However, the autotraders apparently got filled on these too. What happens to them, and how are their trades managed if my trades get "unfilled?"