Order fill issue

please check the following:

STC 1 ATWIC (ATW Sep08 115C) @ limit 15.00

i believe this should have been filled at the open.


Please use the trouble ticket system to report – not the forums. Thanks - MK

certainly i can do that. where is the "open trouble ticket" link or button?

Here is a link that describes how to report a problem with a trouble ticket:


It’s not yet midmorning, and I’ve learned something new today already. :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome (quick) way to report data issues. The trade in question is now closed accurately in the track record, but thanks for the heads up as I will use this new found process next time.



The trouble ticket should not just be a link. I think you tell people this over and over, because it is difficult to locate. You should put a button in a clear section of each system home page. It should also be on the orange dropdowns either under Trade or Admin