Best Forex System

When does a system get to be included in the best forex systems?


Sinzan Forex 1 is doing better then the list in any aspect.

This is a good question. I have been attempting to work out what criteria is used to qualify systems for entry into many of the lists. It is only fair that all systems meeting a given criteria are given fair exposure via these lists (afterall we all pay the same subs’) but I’m sure that this is not the case!

Do you have a Sharpe? If you’re system is less than 2 months old, you don’t have a Sharpe calculated yet, and thus won’t appear on any list requiring a minimum Sharpe.

Hans. - who has a Sharpe-less system…


What makes you believe it is the sharpe that determines whether a system is eligible to be included in the lists?

Because one of the criteria listed is:

Sharpe > 0.3.


Yes, and newer systems are arbitrarily assigned a Sharpe of -999 (that’s negative 999) to keep them off of the lists.


Well, er, no. The -999 sharpe is just some sloppy programming on my part. It’s used as a placeholder value for systems that haven’t been around long enough to get a sharpe score. I need to clean the My Analyst pages to fix that.