Trading System Finder


How are the systems chosen for inclusion on the system finder page? When I choose forex, only 26 systems are displayed, which is a lot less than is listed on the grid.

Just wondering


If you’re talking about the hot lists, there’s a (Criteria for list) at the top. Hover your mouse over the ? and it will tell you what they are. Pretty easy criteria to make it on the lists so, if there aren’t many there, that should tell you something. :slight_smile:

No, I was talking about the system finder on the left menu. Just trying to figure out how the average user finds and decides on what system to use.

just a bump up to see if the admin can answer my original question


The System Finder is designed to be the entry-level “point and click” interface at C2. It’s designed for quick scans of interesting systems, typically by novice users. Thus there is some secret-sauce filtering that is going on, which attempts to “curate” the systems shown, and to screen out systems that are less interesting than others. The filter is meant to be a quality control filter, but of course “quality” is in the eye of the beholder. Is a choppy up-and-down system that ends up with high returns “better” than a steadily-gaining smooth system with lower returns? Well, that depends on who’s asking.

But the Finder does have an opinion, since it’s meant for new users and is designed to make the site easy to use. As you become more familiar with C2, you’ll probably find yourself looking at the Grid more often, which allows you to choose which criteria you care about, and to precisely define the levels at which you care about them.


Thanks for the explanation. I do have one more question… There are a lot of columns on the grid, with a lot of headings that I do not understand. Do you have a master list of definitions somewhere lurking around that I can look at.



Hi John,

Which fields on the grid in particular do you have questions about? Sharpe Ratio is a measure of profit/risk (higher=better). I actually forget how profit factor is calculated (if it’s based on profitable trades/unprofitable trades, etc) but again, higher=better.

If you look at the analytics on any single system, there is a link to more detailed analytics as well.