Just my 2 cents

Hi Matthew,

Your recent “server tweaks” has possibly caused the users of Stop and Reverse Forex (currently ranked #1 service under forex) to loss a few hundred pips in a single day (in case some aren’t familiar, 1 pip equals to about $10 USD per 1 standard lot). I really love the idea behind C2, and would really like to see it succeed, so I’ve decided to make up a short list of what I like about C2 and what I personally think C2 should improve on.


1. I love the idea behind C2, it’s about time a 3rd party comes along to independently confirm signal providers’ claims.

2. The idea of keeping our credit card information out of as many hands (signal providers) as possible is great!

3. The ITM is a wonderfully handy tool!


1. Tweak or upgrade the system over the weekend when people aren’t trading instead of during the week when disruption of service could cause many to lose money

2. Fully test and debug features/new services/tweaks/upgrades before releasing them to us, the subscribers.

3. Hire additional help if needed. A business cannot grow without additional help and talents :slight_smile:

Another thing that I think would be great is to provide a service or at least provide resources on finding people who know how to program Easylanguage or some other script for automated systems.

The problem is that some of the traders here are still doing things old-school; they look at charts all day long and manually send signals to buy/sell. I am sure some of the traders would offer a discount in exchange for programming in automating their system. After all, what is the point of making a lot of money if you live it in front of a computer?


Day-trading systems specialize in one market, do very well for a while and then suddenly fall to pieces.

Many day-trading systems are taking extremely large positions which, in the event of any large intra-day moves or breakdown in exchange trading functions or server outages which happen from time to time, expose the account to wipe-out, even negative equity.

This is also something worth considering when evaluating the Realism Index of any system.

While the occasional server outage caused by things outside of C2’s control is to to be expected, tweaking the server causing “server blow ups” during trading hours in the middle of the week boggles the mind.

If day-trading systems currently listed on C2 are as fragile and vulnerable as Pal Anand suggested, then that’s all the more reason C2 should take great care in preventing server outages during trading hours.

Forgot to add something to my original post under improvements:

4. Provide alternative method for signal providers to get the signals out to their subscribers if the server ever goes down