Beta Autotrade Version 2.0

On my autotrade panel, there is an option to select Beta Autotrade version 2.0. What exactly are the features of version 2 as i can’t find it any information in the portal. Also what is the default for this option? I have mine turned on, should i turn it off since it is still in beta?

We recommend using the new AutoTrade Control Panel. We’ll be switching off the old version soon, but are leaving it available for die-hards for a short period of time. The new version is designed to make it easier to set up multiple systems at once. It also eliminates some screen clutter. The goal was to make the AutoTrade Setup process a bit friendlier.

Good change! Now is working perfectly the % change.
But i think with the calculation of the “you would earn during X time” is not working fine, i´ve seen 36k $ in one month, for a system that earn 3k aprox.
The stoploss in $ its working for autotrading gen1 too? or is only for gen3? thanks