New Feature: AutoTrade Manual Adjustments

What do you get when you take C2’s Gen2 AutoTrading technology and make it even better? You get Gen3 AutoTrading… that’s what! (Duh.)

Introducing Gen3 AutoTrading. Today we have turned on a public Beta Test of the first set of Gen3 Features. These include:

* The ability to add your own stop losses and profit targets to an AutoTraded system

* The ability to make a position bigger or smaller

* The ability to modify a stop loss/profit target provided by a trading system

* The ability to watch your account’s P/L for each trading system in real time

The cool part is that all of these features are available from your C2 account. No need to use any broker software. Just click the TRADE STATUS link that appears under the “AutoTrading” area, in the left-side menu bar. (This feature only appears to users that are logged in to their C2 account).

The limitations

As mentioned, this is a new feature, and it’s currently in Beta Test. We’ve been working on it quietly for a long time, and are now rolling it out, but are doing so slowly. For now, we will only allow the feature to be used on Demo/Simulated brokerage accounts… not live accounts. If you are trading on a demo account, we encourage you to experiment with the new features, and to report everything – bug reports, questions, praise, etc. – to C2 at

Which brokers are Gen3?

Most Gen2 brokers are now Gen3 compatible. This list of Gen3 AutoTrade brokers includes: FXCM, BulldogFX, IFX, Gain Capital,, and OpenECry.

We will be adding additional Gen3 brokers soon.

Sounds good!

have not autotraded yet. Can we also use a replacement/related instrument, such as ER2 instead of NQ??? (standard tradestation capability)

Nice feature, answers question number 4 from here :

Successfully created some profit targets, but they seem to have got deleted a few minutes later (no intervention on my part).


I will look at the audit logs to see exactly what happened. But a quick off-the-cuff hypothesis: did the system vendor cancel/replace/change the position in question? If he does, your "personal" stops are automatically removed.

No. The instruments are different, and trade at different prices. So if we allowed this, it would be impossible to stay in sync with the trading system.

Hey Matthew, you may want to update the list of brokers… FuturesBetting is no longer in business.

Can we get pending orders appearing in the trade status, so that they can be modified too?

This would (as long as you were monitoring) let you exclude certain contracts, alter trade sizes in a non-linear way (allowing you to cap the size, for example), and so on.

OK. That’s a good suggestion.