Block Operation ETF Interactive Brokers European Retail Clients

From Today : Interactive Brokers : Block ETF- ETN Orders for European Retail Clients

Hi Today is a very Damned Day . Interactive Brokers blocked all ETF/ETN orders for European retail clients. All orders are reject for PRIIPs regulation.

the blocking of trades will be in force in Europe for all retail traders until information on KIDS Keys Information Documents is returned

ANY KID at the moment is available from the manufacturer. The PRIIP will be restricted from today for trading FROM FRIDAY for EEA retail customers.

Any ETF/ETN like SPY , QQQ, SVXY, VXX , TLT etcc etcc are available for trading

It’s Incredible!

SPY, QQQ etc are not available today.
It is time to go away from IB.
Any cheap and efficient alternative?
Perhaps someone knows a good broker…

The problem is not IB. The problem is the European regulators. They are trying to make it hard for European retail customers to trade American-produced ETF products. Supposedly this protects European consumers. (Do you feel protected?)

This restriction also has a secondary benefit (surely unintended by European regulators): it will drive European consumers to use European-produced ETFs, not American financial products.

You can read more about this here:

In this case, I would not be quick to blame Interactive Brokers on this. The European regulators are ultimately responsible. The same problem will ultimately apply to any broker operating under European financial regulations.

P.S. If you are an American reading this, it does not apply to you. You are allowed to trade any ETF product you want. For now.


Europeanen regulators are moto’s!

Hi Matthew,

As an European, I cannot trade therefore any VIX or VXX strategy right? Would this be for good? I have subscribed to 2 strategies currently trading both products. Otherwise, I would have to search for different strategies.

IB is not guilty but being the largest international broker IB must do everything possible (KID or non-Kid or retail upgrade to Professional) to solve this serious non-sense problem. And you C2 Matthew urge IB to do this…

The amazing thing is that issuers are not used to deal with these practices,
In the case of VelocityShares for example, an issuer of interesting ETP on volatility and raw materials, it’s written explicitly in the statement that there is no KID because it is not stuff for us European Investors .
That’s absurd the people belonging to the European economic area are not few!


Im searching for QQQ and VXX with an Option Chain but cant find some.
As Option Trader you are really fucked up now heh?
At least the Mini Futures are still tradable.

Did anybody find a way to avoid this limitation?

Yes, migrate to another country outside of the EU. It´s a pain in the neck anyways…

A real soloution would be to found a company in another jurisdiction, for example offshore. With this company you can get another broker account and be safe from EU madness. Of course this soloution is only good for investors with slightly bigger pockets.

Hello My only way for C2 is to take option startegies and only stocks strategies. Then it works so far.