New for SmartPortfolios: exclude ETF strategies

SmartPortfolios Users: If you live in Europe and are prohibited from trading most American Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), I have some good news.

There is a new version of the C2 Score (the same mathematical formula which determines the Leader Board ranking), but one that excludes strategies that trade ETFs.

As the screen shot below shows, you can select this modified formula instead of the regular C2 Score formula, when you select your ranking method for your SmartPortfolio:

For those of you who bought the advanced SmartPortfolios package (allowing you to create and debug your own ranking formulas using our Scoring Workbench), there is a new statistic available for use within your own formulas: “ETFs Trade Percent.” This stat counts the percentage of trades in the past 60 days that used American ETFS.

Have fun!


Are there any plans to include “ETFs Trade Percent” in the Grid?

That’s a good idea. Let me see.

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Any news on this? Or maybe there is some other way to filter out strategies for the European users (filtering out those strategies which trade ETF)?

Why don’t you propose CFDs on ETF ? I live in Europe, trade CFDs with Interactive Brokers and it works very well.


Yes, CFDs would work, at least for major ETFs. I’m not sure if there is a matching CFD for every possible ETF

I would be very keen to use CFD’s via this platform. Does anyone know it that’s a plan moving forward?

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