UK Citizens Interactive Brokers and AutoTrading

I am trying to help out some of my UK connections. Are there any UK or US citizens on here that live in the UK and have Collective2 AutoTrade set up? Which broker do you use? Does Interactive Brokers work for this? Just trying to see if it is worth sending them down this path.

I live in the UK and use IB (also used to be a US citizen until they made expats lives a nightmare). Don’t have auto trade set up as I run my own strat but I can see the main problem being that the person will not be able to trade US etfs

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Sorry pressed button too early. If the strat gives a signal to trade an ETF then his account will not be able to activate it. I was going to subscribe to a strat before I realised this problem. Should be fine for futures, options or pure equities strats

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Are you able to trade options on the ETFs that aren’t allowed?

I believe so yes…

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I thought the regulation not allowing some US ETFs was an EU regulation. Does it still apply to UK based traders now that the UK is out of the EU?

Good question but yes at the moment that seems to be the case. May change. IB wont let you do it