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Blog post was interesting

Matthews newest blog post was interesting to me.

I frequently check in and look at a few strategies that I am simulating. I wondered how things were going during this crash. I wondered if using C2 was better than blindly following my typical financial products salesman (“Advisor”) who keeps sending me emails begging me to hang in there, etc etc.

Although I don’t understand why C2’s customer acquisition cost could be so high. I don’t recall seeing any super bowl advertising and the blog has been very quiet.


I totally wonder why customer acquisition cost is that high too. On another note, although Matthew’s post was an interesting read on their C2 star programme and risk-averse strategies’ merits, with all due respect I’d also love to read an investigation report some day by C2 folks on risk-taker strategies who were able to survive and even able to make money in these wildest turbulence market conditions which haven’t seen since 2008.

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I guess we are not being wined and dined to become a client. Lol

You can use c2 data explorer yourself to see which systems are doing well and making the right trades at the right times. Unfortunately I don’t find many doing the correct thing at the correct time, which correlated to the blog post that revealed the system makers complaining that the CStar requirements are impossible.

It’s a combo of “anyone can create a system”, and “anyone can throw their money into a black box and hope for the best”.

Oh and today I read:
Renaissance Technologies’s quantitative equity hedge fund is down 24% so far this year after posting a steep loss in the first three weeks of the month.

They can’t turn on a dime to flip large positions, but a system on c2 could if programmed correctly. That is what I wanted to read in a blog post, to give me hope.

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