Chasing Performance

I periodically check the system reviews on this site and noticed a couple of recent 1-star reviews for the BluStar3XGold system. I figured that they were probably the only two subscribers, given that the system had only 7 trades and less than 2 months of track record. Then I looked at the auto-trade data for the most recent (public) trade and if my math is correct it indicates there was about $3,000,000 following this strategy! I personally don’t trade a system until it has at least a year of track record and preferably 100 or more trades, but I guess there are a lot of people only concerned with the most recent month or two. Tough lesson to learn…


Brad is down big time the past two weeks.

What do you make of this system? Lost quite a bit on it but now I am locked on this position. He does not reply any email now on how to get out of this enormous drawdown

How can you tell how much money is actually being tied into the system. I tried clicking on autotrade but don’t see numbers.

Click on the “Show Autotrade Data” link above the trade list and then click one of the orange “A” icons next to a trade.


He got a margin call today on his gold system resulting in a huge loss.

He should be barred from C2, lost it all with him. As many traders do, when things get nasty they do not reply

Here’s a somewhat radical idea that I’m sure not everyone would agree with:

Only systems that are TOS-certified or have a 1-year track record can be available for subscription. All others are view-only.

I’m sure many system vendors would not like this idea – especially the ones that prey on new investors by taking outsized risks in order to obtain impressive short-term gains.

I do think this policy would reduce the number of people who blow out their accounts and can no longer subscribe to any C2 systems.


I would’t do it. If somebody wants to play russian roulette, why C2 should restrict them?
C2 contains huge amount of information about each system and system creator to make conscious decision to follow or not to folow.

Anyway TOS and 1 year track record still guaranties nothing.

ps I am subscriber.

Wont work , C2 will die then …

I hate seeing people loose money. Don’t subscribe to systems that upon inspection have no risk management in place. You really don’t need a high win:loss rate, just money management to come out ahead. You can have a high win:loss ratio but with poor money management, you will still loose.

PS … my systems don’t have risk management, just discretionary exits, which is very dangerous.