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Blue Group Investments (always a stop loss, never adds lots)


18 contracts? That’s nothing. He did 24 contracts yesterday. Definitely a long term, sustainable strategy here. :joy: :popcorn:

“(always a stop loss never adds lots)” - it’s in the name of the thread. lol.

Loving my Blue Grouping…


18 contracts? That’s nothing. He did 24 contracts yesterday. Definitely a long term, sustainable strategy here.

This trade had 0% draw down. 0% that means nothing…i didnt go all in i had 6 then 6 then 12, (system dictates number of lots) and that trade netted $26,118 with a 0% d.d. Not really sure why you are down on that, but okay negative people will always be negative.

  • Avg win


  • Avg loss


avg win is nearly 2x the size of the avg loss.

The results speak for themselves and yes im still loving the Blue Grouping…enjoy your popcorn.


Because I don’t want people to lose REAL money with your funny money account.

Completely reckless system and you don’t even follow your own 2 week own rules written here. And yes, I am enjoying the popcorn watching this mess. 500% monthly returns or bust. :rocket:


This is trading you should expect to lose at best. And never ever trade with money you can not afford to lose. Ive seen a thing or two in 18yrs and blue grouping is the best form of charting ive seen bar none. Your not helping no one but your ego of calling for the sky to fall and then being their with braging rights when/if it does for what ever that is worth, i had an uncle like that drove the family nuts. Well i have bragging rights as of now its called real results like i said go eat your popcorn im not going back and forth with you for no better reason than your lame predictions.


I am still waiting for the performance report you promised to send me several days ago.


to be honest im very busy and havnt had time to go through and blot out all my account numbers. in the mean time feel free to mule the results in blue group investments. 201 trades 10-50k in 16days avg profit 2x size of avg loss. its all there in the first post. cheers and happy trading.


markets change strategies change to stay alive dog…sorry i dont have time to come here and keep you updated on a tick by tick basis.


im going to mute this chat and chime in from time to time, as it isnt beneficial for me to argue about other peoples predictions. please feel free to watch the trading eat popcorn and be as critical as possible cheers and much trading success in this new year.


Hello blue_jay01

While I applaud your 0 % DD trade, can you be so kind and explain to me
a trade from January 2 2019, where you managed to hit 146,62% DD?
I am not so good with numbers, and bit confused here.

Also, can anyone from C2 explain how such a huge DD can happen and system can still survive?


It seems that right now you are doing wild revenge trading and I very much doubt that you took the same trades in your own account but you could eliminate all doubt by simply getting TOS certified.


A Margin call was generated on Jan 3rd so only a C2 sim account could have been allowed to continue.


My suggestion for C2, please put Community Risk Warning into this strategy. Superman never dies, I am doubt if Super Blue Jay and super investors can stay in this game more than 6 months. There is no such thing with account $27k, IB can allow 18 YM contracts. Only Super Blue Jay can do that size contracts. Sometimes, some investors try to be smart by limit 1 contract size, but in the end, your final balance in your real account speaks a lot if this model works or does not work. The answer is no. Moreover, Super Blue Jay has very good in generating margin call, we should expect, he will do more margin call.


Why such strategies are not blocked? They spoil the image of the resource itself.


6 months? You’r being generous here. Most insanely leveraged/gambling strategies like this barely last 2 months.

500% monthly return or 0. Get rich or die tryin’ (at least with fake money :wink: )


Your were complaining when it was 100% a week. Now your complaining about 500%. Im using margin thats allowed by nearly every brokerage company. Full of popcorn yet dog?


Its better than the system i keep getting spammed by you on a constant basis. Its not my fault you cant keep making new account highs.


you guys keep talking about size of 18 lots. If i were to reset strategy back to original it would equal 3.6 lots. Your comparing apples with oranges. Day trading 3 lots on a 10k account isnt a big deal when my avg hold time is under 50min, This is a day trading system based off a unique charting method.


results still speaking for themselves.

System has made 8 new highs in 19 calendar days.

% Profitable


  • Avg win


  • Avg loss


Not the best profitability but its enough to make you sick of eating popcorn.


Still eating. I’ll only invest when I see consistent 500% weekly performance for a couple months. :rocket:


@blue_jay01, I want to give you a little advice, you should not be trading so many contracts with a small account. You currently have an 80% drawdown. This is called over leveraging and this can wipe out an account fast. Trading with 10 or more contracts with an account size less than 30k is a guaranteed way of losing. Ideally, you should trade 1 contact per 20k.

There was another guy that ran a strategy called ‘Millionaire Maker’ that traded the same way and crashed in less than 3 months.

Anyways, that’s my piece of advice.

Good luck.

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