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Ultra Tech Group


Focus on ES, NQ, YM, 10yr Notes, and major liquid fx pairs.
System developer uses 30 min. charts for entries.
This is a short term strategy that employs strategy developers custom indicator for direction, and short term volume analysis for timing trades.
Are there stops? In some cases, but only levels and time/volume based trade management.
Do you add to losers? Yes, only at times when such markets permits (faster, larger moving markets, range bound markets when pushing past days range.) System developer has no qualms at killing losing trades.
Do you add to winners? Yes, we love adding to profitable trades and pressing strong trends.

Looking for long term as the results will testify to the custom indicator ive discovered. C.I. it works well on all time frames in all markets but I stick mainly to faster moving liquid markets.



Another strategy bites the dust after only 2 months because out of control trading from 1 contract to 18 contracts. Complete lack of discipline.

Private now. Its sad since there were a few subs that lost over 15k through this reckless trading.


100%-per-month systems are doomed. That subs we’re greedy and they punished for this. Hope they will learn the lesson. :slight_smile:


Good find @AlgoSystems . Subscribers can be very stupid sometimes. A fool and his money are soon parted.


I’d say Naive rather than Stupid. And I’m guessing we’re all a bit greedy. :slight_smile:

I can totally understand a “newbie” coming to the site and seeing all these amazing returns, and sure - that’s the whole reason they’re here - to get better returns than balanced index fund will get them. Those of us that have been around for a while and see the games that are played can more easily weed these strategies out, but if I was in their shoes, not understanding the risks…I can understand the temptation.

I too hope they have learned, and I’m thankful for you who help point out some of these strategies, and I’m still hoping that C2 will help out as well.


from up 100% to down 80% in 30 days. just part of Dr. Martin Gale’s teaching. you are never out of the game, just hit the reset key!