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Blue Group Investments (always a stop loss, never adds lots)


Hi im Blue_Jay at Blue Group Investments. Like to talk a little about my strategy and moves in the Dow. But 1st here are some of my favorite advantages to my strategy;

-Signals derived from a custom form of charting created by strategy developer (Blue grouping)
-Always a stop loss. always always always. (avg profit is nearly 2x the size of my stops loss order)
-There is no need to add to any trade. Another set-ups around the corner.
-18 years experience trading Dow.
-Blue is thriving in this raging market.


Seems like sustainable returns.
18 years trading with returns even close to this would have made you a zillionaire. At least enough to make it TOS.

Good luck subscribers.


and knowing everything from 1 post shouldve like wise made you a zillionaire. so lets just agree you dont know everything.


:sunglasses: This will be a fun one to watch. :popcorn:


No disrespect intended but you guys should chill with the TOS nonsense. It is not a precursor to profit or success. Surely by now you’ve experienced enough TOS strategies to discern this.


Your performance thus far is nice. Good luck.


Only $399 per month. You do realize that the subscription price is subtracted from your monthly p&l stats ?


He started from $6k and now it is $20k in less than 1 month. $399 is nothing with this big result. I think that’s what the developer thinking, so all potential subscribers should expect this results in coming days.



about not adding to any trade… can you explain this trade…?

and how many contracts do you open at maximum?


digging deep looking for clues or proof of something? That order was a duplicate sto 2x a mistake and was corrected immediately. Until we build more capital 2lots is max and you can expect starting at 1 lots.


Merry Christmas to all. Christmas eve trade with a $150 stop loss netted over $1k profit for my subs. Loving these moves and my Blue Grouping.


while your digging deep have you noticed not one trade has triggered the full stop loss at $375 per lot? i can usually dump a loser before it triggers the full stop. And the duplicate trade you claimed i added too if it were stopped out I still wouldve been green on the day. when we do venture with larger size it will be like it has been playing with money already made on that day.


Hi trend surfer, thanks for the heads up. The PnL reflected already shows fees subtracted.


It’s not nonsense.

I will agree that TOS is not at all a precursor to profit (or loss like we saw from “A Strategy for YM”!). But when a system shows such ridiculous gains with so much leverage, you’d like to think the developer has some skin in the game. Anyone can come on here, lever up, get lucky in the first day or two and start advertising a $400 strategy. Very few will do that with a TOS system.

He has since toned down his leverage from what I can tell. If I were considering the system I’d start from 12/21/18 10:44am, with a balance of $20,840 or so, since that was when real money started chasing the strategy, and when the leverage was normal IMO. I’d throw out the first 48 hours.

But that’s just me. I’m sure many will jump in here seeking 100% returns weekly.


Didn’t take long to get that 40% drawdown day.

6 subscribers have made him a happy man though. Dude pocketed over $1,500 from C2 in less than 2 weeks. Well done sir.


“Loving these moves and my Blue Grouping.”

Not so much anymore.


Just doing my due dilligence here. No clues, nothing to proof.
Let me explain why we “dig”, since you are new with C2. (I presume)
Every month we have dozens of new strategies on C2.
Unfortunately, because of reckless trading, they fail within a few weeks or months.

We (subscribers) are not using monopoly-money here, so obviously
we like to inform ourselves before we invest real hard earned money.
When something doesn’t fit, or if there is something we don’t understand,
we ask the developer, simple as that.

I didn’t claim anything, but C2 statistics obviously did.
I just pointed it out and asked for an explanation from you.

No, of course not, there is nothing in the description that suggests that you have a stop loss at $375.
Anyway, what good is a $375 stop loss for, if you manage to lose 10K in one single day ???


On top of your contribution, What kind of quality trade from this developer that has 27 trades in 1 day with only 5 winning trades and end up losing $10k in 1 day. Geez. Monopoly money for developer and real losing money for subscribers.


More important is why would anyone subscribe to system that is 3 days old and follow it?
@aum108 Nicely pointed out to single trade that was holding at one moment 12 YM contracts.
If that is not a red flag, then I don’t know what is.

In volatile market like we have it last weeks, trading 3 to 4 YM on 20 K account is sure way to get burned fast.


My man…how can we trust your trading if you can’t even follow your own rules? :roll_eyes:

18 contracts with 5k left in the trading account! :clap:

Looks like your trying for a long bomb here.

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