Matthew, the bond entries are still not working. I tried to put in an order to buy on a stop at 131 5, also 131 05 also 131 5/32 and 131 05/32 (the market was below these numbers) and each time C2 said order would be executed immediately because my order was below the market. Can you check on this again. Thanks. (Futures by Day)

Susan: I don’t see that you’ve entered any trades in the last 48 hours. What system are you talking about?

If you are asking about trades you entered last week, we don’t keep an audit trail of your keystrokes that long, so I can’t tell you what you did wrong, if anything.

If you enter a new trade this week, I can try to help explain how C2 is interpreting what you are doing.

I tried to enter but each time C2 said it would be executed immediately because my entries were below the market when in fact the entries were above the market, so I canceled the order because C2 said it would be executed immediately. But C2 is still saying the wrong thing. I didn’t want to enter below the stop I was putting in. Thanks.

Tell me exactly the order you were entering and what the last price was at the moment you entered it.

I entered an order to buy at 131 5 on a stop (then also tried 131 05, 131 5/32 and 131 05/32). At the time Dec Bonds were at 131 02 and each time C2 said my order was below the market and would be executed immediately.

I just tried again, bonds currently at 130 22/32, i placed an order to buy on a stop at 130 28/32 and again C2 said my order was below the market.

Well, here’s the thing. Unless you actually submit the order, I can’t see what you’ve typed, or what you’ve selected on your order entry screen. So it’s hard for me to diagnose this.

I can tell you that the warning you are receiving is just that – a warning – and if the price you enter really is not marketable, you won’t be filled.

I also went to my own system and tried entering the orders you described (“Buy to Open 1 @USZ3 stop 131 5”) and did not receive any warning that this price was marketable.

So my advice is either:

1) Take a screen shot of the order ticket right before you submit the order and email it to me so I can figure out what you are doing that is different from what I am doing.


2) Submitting the order so I can study the audit log to see what is actually going on.

P.S. Are you sure you selected STOP and not LIMIT? A screen shot showing me your order ticket about-to-be-submitted would help me see this.

Well, I’m not going to enter an order I don’t want. You should try entering the order and C2 will say it’s below the market and you can cancel the order.

As I said in my last post, I did enter the order as I think you described it and I did not have the problem you had.

So my advice therefore is to send me a screenshot of your order ticket, all filled out and ready to go, right before you press the submit button.

Sending you an email with picture.

Ok, that was helpful. I see the problem. C2 is ignoring your fractional component when warning about whether an order was marketable (it wasn’t ignoring it during actual real order processing – only when determining whether to warn you about marketability or not).

The problem is now fixed. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

Thank you for your prompt attention. Great work.