Order entry in molasses mode


This evening, about 8:00p Pacific: whenever I enter an order (and I have to enter a lot), it takes perhaps 5 minutes after clicking “Publish” for the following to pop up: Location: http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/systems.mpl?session=54887322133655552821224519877882806&systemid=19475437&want=newsignal


My fault. Internet connectivity to the SPAN margin server went down yesterday, and hasn’t been restored yet by Verizon. That means that most futures orders experienced some delay (as the system searched, forlornly, for the margin requirement information for each futures trade).

I turned on a redundant server for now, and the issue should be resolved.

I apologize.


Could this be why I’m unable to view my systems’ pages this morning?


Yes. There is still a problem with certain futures. I am working on resolution now.

Does this have anything to do with problem that Hans mentioned about C2 giving incorrect futures prices (like decimal points in the wrong place) & other problems?

This problem has now been resolved: the original SPAN margin server is back up and running, and there shouldn’t be any other issues with slow order entry or slow page display.

To answer your specific question, Ross, I’m not entirely sure what issues you are referring to concerning futures prices with incorrect decimals. Can either you or Hans email me the details (if there is still a problem) and I will resolve ASAP. Thanks. -MK


Not really sure what your email is, so from his signals, I extracted Hans’ warnings about C2 effects on trades below (I xxed out the instrument to protect his signals):


C2 was being REAL flakey tonight. It may have duplicated an order to

buy xxN6.
I cancelled the duplicate, so you may receive a message that the order is cancelled. It is not, we are still going to buy xxN6 at 68.90 stop.



20645034 5/11/06 23:53

Sell to close 1 yyN6 @ stop 350 GTC

Oops. You may have gotten an order to sell at 3.50. C2 mismanaged the decimal point.

Yup, that was me. The trade error was at least partly my fault. For most markets I can simply enter the price w/o the decimal if what I was intending was a whole number. But for that trade I entered “350” and C2 took it as “3.50”. My negligence was in not noticing the error in the Preview screen - before the order was sent out. As I was spending nearly 2 hours entering orders into the temporarily crippled C2 system, I felt rushed to get them out as fast as possible, and unfortunately this slipped by me. Order canceled, and then replaced with “350.0” and all was well.

Sorry if this caused problems, but at least the bad order didn’t fill as the market was closed at that time.

As for the other order buying LHN6, the C2 system hung and then crashed after pressing “Publish”. Thus I didn’t know if it went out or not, as when I got back into C2 the order wasn’t listed. I reentered, and, oops, now both were there. I sent a brief note trying to explain the situation, as I had no idea whether or not C2 emailed one or both orders.

But with MK’s repairs, all seems OK now.

Thanks for your patience,