Brand New and Confused

Hi, I just sign up and set up my first trading system. This is all very cool, but I entered my first trade. I rec’d an email confirmation of the trade, but I do not see anywhere where I can find out what fill my suggested trade got? How can I look at some “portfolio” view of my trading system? Thanks in advance for the help! -tx

When you log in, on the first page, you will see your system(s) listed. Click on the little magnifying glass icon to display details of your system, scroll down and you will see your active orders, scroll down a little more and you will see your open orders.

- Fanus

OK. I think I found that. So at the bottom it says " Emailed, trade pending

8/31/2005Sell to open1000…" And I rec’d the email. But now the market is closed, why would the trade be “pending” still and not filled from when I entered it during market hours? Thanks for the help for a newbie :slight_smile:

Maybe you put a stop, or limit order which wasn’t reached? Did you maybe park it until a certain time? If this was a market order and you didn’t get a fill, this is probably something Matthew can help you with.

- Fanus