Q on Trade Fills

Hi all

Recently my trades placed at Market Open have taken around 5 min to show up on my open positions. It this due to C2 technical issues or could it be a real time market reflection of ETFs that take a few minutes after market open to begin trading?



Actually, your last order placed at the market open appeared on your system stats 2 minutes and 32 seconds after the market opened. That delay was caused by C2 in this case, not the market (though sometimes delays at market open are caused by a delay in the exchange actually determining the opening price). It’s important to keep in mind that even in cases such as the one you saw yesterday, you will still receive the official market opening price, even if that price doesn’t appear for two minutes.

The reason for this is that at periods of maximum processing (e.g. 9:30 AM ET) C2 may be backlogged with many many orders, and there may be some delay in actually showing the fills. I am always working on ways to decrease these delays.


Given what you said, does it mean that the earlier in the day I place a market price order, the quicker it will get filled? i.e. is there a list and are they executed in the order in which they are received?


No. Fill processing is done in order of statistical probability of a fill. In the case of market orders, sequence is essentially random.