Problem with C2 Plan

Hi All,
Has anyone else come across this problem ? I subscribed to a basic plan ( $39 ) in order to create a new strategy, however soon as I paid they picked my old strategy which I had not traded for over 5 years. I told them this has been inactive for over 5 years and wanted to create a new one. They said I could reset my old strategy, which was traded for couple of months with small gains. The results of this old strategy shows 5 years of small losses ( for the untraded period ). Who in their right mind would consider subscribing to my system if they were to see these incorrect losses in my archived history !!!

Developers being unable to escape their history is a feature not a bug.

Escaping the history is not the problem. The problem is the history is incorrect, instead of showing 2 winning months ( that were actually traded ) it shows 2 winning months and 60+ losing months ( time it wasn’t traded ).

I think subs that look at older strategies will recognize that.