Strategy that has not made trade for 7 years

Just thought this was interesting, there’s a strategy that has not made a trade in 7 years! They have held a position for 7 years. It’s active and accepting subscribers. Started with $10k and now has $242k, so has done well, but with huge drawdowns. It must be worth it to pay the C2 trade leader fees, and they must be getting subscribers. But a subscriber can just buy TQQQ to get the same performance.

Maybe the leader has passed on and has it on auto debit.

They probably were rebalancing positions, but only subs will see it. For everybody else it will be no trades shown.

@JITF I thought that too but the strategy page show the last trade was > 2600 days ago. I believe any trade (including selling a partial position) will reset this counter. It also shows the trade leader hasn’t logged in for over four months.

An (alleged) deceased Trade Leader leaving his C2 account on automatic debit while a trade is still in progress, what a rather disturbing image indeed.

He last logged in 4 months ago.

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Hahaha. :slight_smile:

Joking aside, he did log in 4 months ago, but yeah based on last trade seems he just held TQQQ. TQQQ while we are in this long (~10 years) secular bull market is all good, it just doesn’t feel safe to hold though (has similar risks to the infamous ETN XIV, which I traded in past, and which I had on day of Volmegaddon (luckily I stopped out before EOD).

So Cool that a potentially dead guy is out performing most leaders…You go dude.


The last position closed on 4/24/13 10:41 and the Trade Leader leaving his C2 account while the trade remains open.

He turned off auto-renew and/or cancel payment methods.

C2 continues to report floating performance until the the strategy owner sets the strategy “private”.